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Here are three changes coming up for lavatory options:

1) The Oval Recessed Bowl

With the addition of four new bowl styles over the past year the Oval Recessed Bowl has decreased in popularity and will be removed as an option on November 2nd. If you have any open jobs that require this bowl style, we will keep the molds for the remainder of the year and will help you complete your jobs as needed.

2) 1 1/2" Thick Lavatories

The options for 1 1/2" lavatories will soon be available in only slab style lavatories with undermount bowls or vessel bowls. Integral bowls and integral backsplashes will no longer be an option for 1 1/2" thick lavatories after November 15th. If you have any open jobs that require the older options, we will find a way to help complete your job.

3) 22" Deep Lavatories

With the increase in popularity of full overlay cabinet styles as well as thicker wood used for drawers and doors, we have found that the 22 1/2" deep lavatory option is the best option to produce the proper overhang. We will remove the option for a 22" deep lavatory on November 2nd, but if you have any open jobs that require this depth, we will help complete your job.
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