Proudly made in
Kansas, USA

Standard Low Profile Base With Add-on Ramp

  • Turns any Low Profile Base into a Ramped Base
  • Can be attached permanently, temporarily, or left unattached or removable
  • Finished on left and right ends, top and front edge
  • Can be ordered any length

Product Certification: ANSI standard, Slip Coefficient, and ASTM E-84 Flame.

For the State of Massachusetts – Plumbing Approval Codes:

To view details of the Massachusetts Approval Codes P-2023-348, P3-0117-357 and P1-0814-9, start by clicking on this link to open the relevant webpage.

Once there, locate the “Manufacturer’s Name First Letter” section and select ‘T’ from the drop-down menu. Next, move to the “Manufacturers” section, choose “The Onyx Collection,” and then click on the “Search” button. This action will display a list of Onyx products related to the approval codes in the Search Results section of the page.