Rectangular Lavatories

Rectangular Lavatories are available in hundreds of sizes, 14 bowl styles, either Flat or Raised edge and also 5/8" or 1" thickness. All Lavatories can have one bowl (centered or offset) or up tp 4 bowls. It also comes with an integal backsplash that is 4" high not including the thickness of the lavatory itself.

Standard Lavatories are categorized below by bowl style. If the lavatory you need is not specifically listed in this section, including anything with an Eclipse bowl, it is available as a custom lavatory. Please see our section on Custom Lavatories.

Please specify faucet hole spacing when ordering: 4" is typical for a one-piece faucet set; 8" is used for three piece sets. We can also do single holes, and even add an extra hole for a soap dispenser if requested.

Traditional Bowl Styles
Transitional Bowl Styles
Contemporary Bowl Styles
Other Options

Edge Styles
5/8" Thick Raised Edge
(standard & custom)
5/8" Thick Flat Edge
(standard & custom)
1" Thick Flat Edge
(standard & custom)

Lavatory Drain Recommendations
We recommend using tapered-thin drains - see comparison below
Drain Comparison
Drain Comparison
Flat-thick Drain vs. Tapered-thin Drain
Angled-thin Drain
Angled-thin Drain Tapers
Tapered-thin Drain Tapers
Tapered-thin Drain is flush with the lavatory bowl and tapers down to allow the water to flow
Flat-thick Drain
Flat-thick Drain Traps Water
Flat-thick Drain Traps Water
Flat-thick Drain is flat which causes it to trap water around the drain