Rectangular Lavatories

Rectangular lavatories are available in almost any size, all Onyx colors, 4 edge styles, and 11 bowl styles. Each lavatory is made to order specifically to your needs.

A single bowl or multiple bowls can be located where needed. A backsplash can be integral (4” tall or less) or separate (any height). Faucet hole(s) frequently are for a single hole, 4” spread, or 8” spread, but can be custom sized or located as you need, including an extra hole for a soap dispenser.

We design lavatories with any custom shape, to have any of these specifications. To see our common custom lavatory shapes, please Click here

Rectangular Lavatories

Traditional Bowl Styles

Transitional Bowl Styles

Contemporary Bowl Styles

Other options

Lavatory Drain Recommendations
We recommend using tapered-thin drains – see comparison below


Angled-thin Drain

Flat-thick Drain

Flat-thick Drain vs. Tapered-thin Drain

Tapered-thin Drain is flush with the lavatory bowl and tapers down to allow the water to flow

Flat-thick Drain is flat which causes it to trap
water around the drain