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Current Colors: These colors are on our current 2024 color ring.

Soon to Be Phased Out Colors: These colors are still available but they will be moved to the “phase out” color option soon.

Recently Phased Out Colors: These colors were recently removed from the color ring, are available to order under the “phase out” color option, and will be available for a limited time.

Discontinued Colors: These colors are no longer available for regular orders. If you have a special need or need replacement color suggestions please call 1-800-669-9867 or email

Current ColorsSoon To Be Phased Out ColorsDiscontinued Colors
Adriatic (new)Courtyard (new)JourneySierra CappuchinoBamboo
AlabasterDolphinJuliana (new)SilverGrey PearlBasilica
AlaskaDorianMousseSolitude (new)Gun MetalBisquit
AquastoneFawn (new)MystiqueSpiceRecently Phased Out ColorsBone
Blue PearlFeather (new)NevadaSterlingCadetBlack
BoulderFlorentinePepperSummit (new)Clay Camel
BreezeFresco (new)PlatinumTanquartz (new)LatteCobblestone
CarraraGardenia (new)Polina (new)TiramisuMadelineChestnut
CashmereGlacierPorcelainTravertine (new)MeadowFashion
Charcoal (new)GranadaProspectVacation (new)MistFog
CoastalGrotto (new)ReedWaterfall (new)SerenityGreige
ConcreteHenna (new)SafariWhiteSteelReflection
Starry Night
Picture of The Onyx Collection

The Onyx Collection

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