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The New Floating Corner Shelf

The NEW Floating Corner Shelf offers an updated caddy design with tighter radii and cleaner lines.  This caddy installs using a wall bracket and silicone, similar to our other corner caddies. This caddy is available in our Onyx online ordering system in the Accessories section. Thank you for selling our products! Floating Corner Shelf Specs

Full Height Standard Shower Bases – Now With Updated Style

The Full Height Standard Shower Bases have a new style that is similar to our Mid Height and Low Profile Styles. This new style integrates the straight lines and clean radii that are similar to those found in the Low Profile and Mid Height series. Here are a few details about this new style: The […]

New Crown Molding – Liberty

The New Liberty Crown Molding offers a modern style crown molding option, using clean lines & angles to better match our Liberty series caddies. Liberty Crown Molding shower trim includes all the design features of our existing crown molding with both the Top Mount and Cap Mount options. Crown molding both adds a design element […]

New Caddy – Liberty Corner Foot Shelf​

The New Liberty Corner Foot Shelf is a corner shelf specifically designed to be a foot shelf! This will replace the old option of “turning the corner shelf upside-down” in order to make it a foot shelf. The new foot shelf has a textured angled surface and installs the same as our corner shelves. Click […]

New Caddies – Liberty Foot Shelves​

Recessed Foot Shelf The Liberty Recessed Foot Shelf has a textured angled shelf. This caddy is installed the same as our recessed caddies and comes with a cut-out template. This is the first of three caddies specifically designed for use as foot shelf. Click here to see the Liberty Recessed Foot Shelf. Recessed Foot/Soap Shelf […]

New Trim – The Bull Nose Trim

The new Bull Nose Trim is another trim option to assist in various installations. A frequent use is as a trim piece to join panels together when a full wall panel is too large to install. The Bull Nose trim measures 3/4″ by 7/8″, and features a half round finish profile. The Bull Nose Trim […]

New Option Available – Recessed Trim for Mosaic Tile

The Onyx Recessed Tile Trim now has a new size option available.  The 7″ tall Recessed Tile Trim has a recessed area intended to hold 6″ mosaic tile. Click here to see the new 7″ Recessed Tile Trim for Mosaic Tile. Thank you for selling our products!

New Bowls – The Norway Bowl & The Malibu Bowl

The Norway Bowl The Norway Bowl features a rectangular shape with a center drain, 4 similarly sloped sides, and a blend of curves and radii to soften the straight lines in the bowl. This new bowl is available to order online. Click here to see the Norway Bowl. The Malibu Bowl The Malibu bowl presents […]

New Style – Corner Shower Seats

The Onyx Wall Mount Seats have an updated style. The new seats are available to order online The floating seat appearance and modified angles and radii create a more modern design. The finished underside of the seat returns back to the wall at an angle, giving increased support. The seat mounts on wall brackets secured […]

New Bowl – The Caribbean Bowl

The Caribbean Bowl is a shallow bowl for multiple uses, including ADA and Aging in Place applications. This new bowl is available to order online. Click here to see the Caribbean Bowl. Thank you for selling our products! 

New Oval Bowl – The Quincy Bowl

The New Quincy bowl is now available to order online.   This new bowl offers an updated oval bowl option with a distinct vertical sides and flat (but with great drainage!) bottom design. This bowl style will fit 22″ and 22 1/2″ deep vanity tops. Thank you for selling our products! 

Updated Style for the Standard Low Profile Shower Bases

Low Profile Standard Shower Bases now have a new style. The new style has cleaner lines and radii, similar to the popular Mid Height style. Here are a few details about this new style: The bevel on the curb and flange is removed and replaced with straight lines and a simple radius. The curb has […]