Lavatory Trends for July, August & September 2019

Lavatory / Vanity Top Trends July, August, and September 2019 Lavatory Decks and Bowls – Most Popular Colors Bowls and Edges – Most Popular Styles –Standard & Custom Deck Color Bowl Color (when different than deck) Tiramisu Pepper Dove Cloud Dorian White Icicle Alabaster Journey Carrara Gray Pearl Mystique Prospect Blizzard Iceberg Silver Snowswirl Cappuchino […]

Shower Base Trends July, August, September 2019

Shower Base Trends July, August, and September 2019 Most Popular Shower Base Colors Curb Style Percentages White Tiramisu Cloud Dove Pepper Icicle Iceberg Gray Pearl Alabaster Mystique Carrara Dorian Silver Snowswirl Gun Metal Journey Prospect Coconut Blizzard Cappuccino Constellation Safari SandStone Bamboo Cashmere Moonstone Blue Pearl Sierra Fashion Low Tide Granada Dolphin Cadet Serenity Spice […]

Shower Panel Trends July, August, and September 2019

Shower Panel Trends January, February, & March 2021 Most Popular Wall Panel Colors Wall Panel Finishes and Kit Heights Tiramisu Cloud White Dove Pepper Icicle Alabaster Iceberg Carrara Snowswirl Dorian Prospect Coconut Blizzard Mystique Cappuccino Gray Pearl Journey Silver SandStone Safari Sierra Blue Pearl Moonstone Low Tide Bamboo Serenity Gun Metal Dolphin Fashion Cashmere Spice […]